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Happy Canada Day

Me to Kev: “Did you have as much fun on our walk as I did?” That’s what’s known as sarcasm at our house. CJ got his wandering boots on, Fooey didn’t think she could make it even One More Step, then wailed because we weren’t walking around the block (we were), then because we were going home again. Plus she was sopping with mud. Albus attempted to walk blind and caught a sister in the mouth with a swinging arm. Apple-Apple kept to herself and listened with all her ears: birds, airplane, a musical instrument. So it went, habble-scrabble along the sidewalk till at last we were home. No fireworks for us tonight (too late), a bit of rain, but a day of small and satisfying accomplishments nevertheless. Time to put one of us to bed Right Now! (“Come on! You promised and now you’re on the computer, and now I have to wait. Carry me upstairs and put me to bed. OKAY?”). Ok.
Happy birthday, Canada.

She Went Away

To summarize: eat, talk, listen, read, laugh, drink, sleep, stroll, repeat (with cheese) (without interruption) (at leisure).

Mother’s Day

This mama doesn’t really like eating breakfast in bed. Reminds her of invalidism. But sleeping in while daddy and children cook up eggs and potatoes for breakfast? That’s just about perfect. What would make the day just the littlest bit more perfect would be … a crown, of course! Designed and fitted with precision by Apple-Apple.
“But when do we get to have Children’s Day?”


The “Leprechorn” visited our house today. We’d heard from a friend on Friday about this tradition (new to me) … leave a cup/bowl/bucket/yogurt container on your steps on St. Patrick’s Day and receive some treats (in the case of the friend, chocolate-covered almonds). We had none of those, but not to worry, Mommy, the Leprechorn will bring some! Albus took charge. He instructed the girls where to leave the container, he searched for suitable items, including these four green balloons on which he drew lucky clovers with permanent marker. He secretly placed the container. And he waited patiently for someone to notice it. Here it waits in the sunshine, while the children play and play and play.
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