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〉 Email: My name is Carrie Anne Snyder. Squish it all together in lower case letters, add an @, and finish with gmail {dot} com

〉 Facebook @carriesnyderauthor

〉 Instagram @carrieannesnyder

〉 Literary representation: Hilary McMahon at Westwood Creative Artists

* I read all messages. Sometimes I get distracted and the email slips out of sight in the email feed and I forget to reply. Please accept a whole-hearted Canadian “sorry!” if this happens.

About Obscure CanLit Mama

Obscure CanLit Mama is the identity under which I’ve blogged since 2008. At the time, with one book of stories to my name, the title felt like an audacious claim; but stepping publicly into my writer-self and sharing the downs as well as the ups brought confidence, connection and community. I have a theory that writing comes from a brave and grounded place inside that is fed by the quiet joys of ordinary life: routine, discipline, family, friends. So I’m content to hang out right here, in obscurity. Just so long as I get to keep on writing.