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Q: How do I find a publisher?

A: Dear aspiring writer,

You want to know how to get published. Once upon a time, I would have answered you with the traditional find-an-agent + agent-finds-publisher = publish your book. But with the rapid rise of self-publishing, about which I know nothing, my traditional experience seems quaint, old-fashioned, and almost irrelevant. click to read more …

Q: Do you review books on your blog?

A: Great question! I occasionally write about books I’m reading on my blog, but these tend to spring spontaneously forth following an inspiring read, rather than being purpose-written, if you see what I’m saying. So it probably doesn’t make sense for you to send me your book for review, at least not from a marketing standpoint.

Q: We think your blog would be a great fit for our product. Could we interest you in writing about our product / posting links to our product / otherwise endorsing our product?

A: Thank you for your interest! I am flattered and tempted, especially if you’re offering me money or free stuff, but here’s the thing: this blog has been from the beginning a labour of love. It is not a commercial venture. And it can’t become one without altering its purpose and intent. So the short answer is, respectfully, no, thank you.