Hair Hat

New cover, House of Anansi, 2014.

Original cover, Penguin Canada 2004.

〉 Originally published by Penguin Canada, 2004, Hair Hat is being re-released as an ebook by House of Anansi, Fall, 2014.

In these mysterious and wondrous stories, eleven disparate people, some of them related, some of them neighbours, glancing acquaintances, or even complete strangers, are transformed by a man with hair shaped like a hat.


〉 Hair Hat was Carrie’s first book. It was a finalist for the 2004 Danuta Gleed Award for short fiction.



“The prose is unadorned, yet rich with precision and compression. Snyder’s small epiphanies grow naturally from her fluid blend of insight and expression.”

The Globe and Mail

“Truly original. Snyder shows herself gifted at investing familiar scenes with a first-time sharpness. On finishing the last story in this book, I did something very few short-story collections have ever prompted me to do: I turned back to the beginning and started reading again.”

Montreal Gazette

“Snyder’s imagination is broad, but her prose has the precision of a laser.”