Writing adventure with Carrie

Okay, folks, I’m giving this a go. Never one to procrastinate (admittedly, this can cause problems), here is my open invitation to a writing adventure, such as it may be…

Writing Adventure with Carrie

“You are sitting here with us,
but you are also out walking in a field at dawn.”  – Rumi

Be curious, be challenged, be present, be immersed. Join me for a weekly writing adventure, starting with an introductory, experimental three-week session.* I will be your guide and companion as we write ourselves through memories and experiences using an image-based exercise loosely based on the teachings of Lynda Barry, who asks us to consider “the perishable images about the day you didn’t notice you’d noticed at all.” All you need is a notebook or lined paper, and a pen or pencil.

Space is limited. Please contact me directly if you have any questions, or to reserve a spot.

*If the experiment goes well, I may open up a six-week session in mid-February.

Where & when:
Uptown Waterloo
Saturday mornings, 9-11AM
January 16, 23, 30
$45 for series
$20 for drop-in

Who can attend? 
Anyone! Appropriate for all ages and walks of life. Not just for writers or aspiring writers.

What do I need to bring?
A notebook or lined paper, and a pen or pencil. You are encouraged to write by hand even if this is something you rarely do anymore, or haven’t done since childhood. Think of writing as a physical act that will bring you into a state of focus and meditation.

What should I expect?
The first hour will be devoted to guided writing exercises, followed by sharing at least some small portion of our work with the group. While I’m scheduling two full hours for each session, in practice it may be closer to 90 minutes. Writing takes focus and focus is hard work! This is a flexible undertaking.

Will I have to share my work?
You are encouraged to read from what you’ve written, but you will never be forced to share. We will not be critiquing each other’s writing; that is not the purpose of the exercise.

How should I respond to others’ work?
You can say, “Thank you.” This is not a writing workshop. All you need to do is listen.

Can I share this information with a friend who might be interested?
Yes, please!

You are sitting here with us, but you are also out walking in a field at dawn
Every day has many doors


  1. Bunty Albert

    You might try to get this publicized to the Grand River Unitarian Congregation. I believe that Jessica Bayne jessica.bayne@gmail.com does their newsletter. (My daughter is a member and I visit when on KW.)

  2. Karen Smythe

    Hi Carrie,
    I am definitely interested and hope it is not too late to be added to your list! A friend who shared this with me will be signing up too. ?

    As for me: I published a story collection in 2001 called Stubborn Bones, then stopped writing until about 2 years ago. I just finished my first novel under Diane Schoemperlen thru the Humber Correspondence program and I am agent-shopping at present. I am 54 and consider myself “retired” but I do work freelance as an editor and consultant.

    I look forward to hearing from you, hopefully to confirm and get your address, soon. Many thanks, Karen

  3. Sarah Emsley

    This session sounds wonderful, and if I lived in Waterloo rather than in Halifax I’d be signing up. I hope the experiment goes well.

  4. Kerry

    I would be interested, could contact you directly, but not sure. Does directly not mean here? I love the act of writing by hand, unfortunately I can’t do this anymore. I would need to bring an electronic braille writer which would need to be plugged into an outlet. Either way, sounds great and look forward to hearing more about how this experiment goes.

    • Carrie Snyder

      Hi Kerry, you can contact me by email. It’s carrie anne snyder, all squeezed together, with the at gmail.com. There are regular electrical outlets in the room where we’ll be meeting, which is on the second floor of a small office building in uptown Waterloo. Let me know if you need more information!



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