Monday morning dentistry


I call this one “Clean Laundry in Basket on Dining-Room Table”

I got my teeth cleaned this morning. You might not categorize this experience under Traumatic, but then, you might not have receding gums and exposed nerves. I almost panicked when I saw it wasn’t the usual hygienist who has been kindly, gently trying to clean my teeth without causing me pain these past number of years. And by almost panicked, I mean actually panicked. I think my fingernails left marks in the arms of the chair. I had to keep reminding myself to relax my tongue (who knew a tongue could be so tense?). And to breathe. Remember to breathe, I told myself repeatedly. I would have confessed any number of things in order to make it stop. But I had nothing to confess that would have interested the new hygienist, who turned out to be kind and gentle and sympathetic too. I did consider begging her to stop early — like, how clean do these teeth really need to be? — but tried to stay focused on the big picture: that I was actually in that chair voluntarily, paying her for her services, because I would like to keep these teeth for as long as possible.

Anyway, I’m writing this post, so I clearly survived to tell the tale.

That’s all I’ve got today. Not a single deep thought appears to have surfaced post-dentist.

xo, Carrie

PS No cavities! So there’s that.

PS # 2 That illustration above is just a little something I need to get done this evening. Along with walking two chatty little boys home from school, violin lessons, picking up local food order from Bailey’s, making supper, and going to the 13-year-old’s final indoor soccer game of his house league season.

Readings, swearing, challenges, and forgetting to set the alarm
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  1. Kerry

    Love this post. Short and sweet.
    I can sympathize with the tooth sensitivity.
    Not sure you will believe this, but this may be one of my favourite of your posts.

    • Carrie Snyder

      Glad you enjoyed this post, Kerry! It definitely made me feel better to write it.

  2. Margo, Thrift at Home

    heh – love the caption on your still life. How fun to go around titling all my all house chores. Maybe I will do a whole post on that. . .

    and I totally sympathize on the receding gums!!! When one of those nerves is hit, it’s the worst sensation. I actually started using a special fluoride rinse to help lessen the sensitivity – helps somewhat and I can eat ice cream without wincing.

    • Carrie Snyder

      I did a post years ago about the haphazard nature of my cleaning methods, with captions like this — still cracks me up. Examples included things like: What Did I Just Step In? and Oh No, Not the Art Supplies! and You Baked What?

      I could go on. It’s fun just thinking them up.
      The Cap Goes On The Toothpaste!
      Why Are You Keeping That Under Your Bed?
      Let Me Provide You With a Map to the Laundry Hamper.


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