The week in suppers: mid-March, sigh

making maki
making maki

**Monday’s menu** French onion soup over stale baguette slices, with melted cheese.
**Inspiration** This meal was inspired by a stale baguette. However, we had a soup shortage; underestimated appetites. Apparently it was delicious. (I ate leftovers and didn’t get a taste.)

**Tuesday’s menu** Sweet potato coconut soup. Bread. Cheese.
**A request** Realized, while the kids were preparing to leave for school, that the day was going to be insanely busy and something needed to be tossed into the crockpot. I thought lentils. The kids requested my sweet potato soup instead. I was surprised because I thought they’d be getting sick of it; but I love requests. Apparently it’s not to be called “yam” soup, even casually. Yams don’t sound as tasty as sweet potatoes.

**Wednesday’s menu** Pulled pork on buns.
**Thanks** to Grandma who babysat (and brought a crockpot of food!) while Kevin and I were in Toronto eating Chinese food before the Harbourfront reading.

**Thursday’s menu** Mashed potatoes. Mushroom gravy. Kale chips. Fried tofu.
**Plenty of time** Thursdays are the best because I have time to cook (at least with our the most recent schedule; who knows what the spring schedule will bring). That mushroom gravy is fantastic. The kids would agree with me, except for the mushrooms.

**Friday’s menu** Ethiopian lentil bowl. Baked rice.
**Leftover surprise?** Nope; there were not quite enough leftovers to anchor Friday’s meal and I didn’t want to suffer a repeat of Monday’s shortages. So I cooked up lentils with tons of garlic instead. The recipe is from Simply in Season and it’s delicious and super-easy.


**Weekend kitchen accomplishments** Four loaves of bread. Used the new bread flour, which made light and fluffy loaves; a big improvement on the rustic lumps of the last batch.

making maki
**Cooking with kids** CJ’s menu, Fooey’s assistance. Sushi, maki, and miso soup. Green tea.
**Overheard from Dad-in-charge** “You’re putting your sleeve into the roll again.” “I think you should take off that sweater.” “You’re covered in rice.” “There is rice all over the floor.” [muttered]: “This would be so much easier without help.”
**Guests** In keeping with our attempt to invite guests to dinner at least once a week, we invited three to share in our sushi meal. Together, we devoured 3.5 pounds of sushi-grade salmon, plus rolls made with mango, avocado, and cucumber.

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  1. Catherine

    The first picture is gorgeous! And I love this series of weekly menu check ins.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks, Catherine. I’m taking much better food photos now that the light lasts longer. There is no substitute for natural light. Glad you like the menus, too.

  3. Ellen

    I enjoyed reading your dinner menu from the week…in can be inspirational for those of us who suffer from “what to fix tonight”. Dinners can be a challenge or they can be a breeze.

    I have a husband that grew up on the “meat and potatoes” dinner which is not keen on having a non-meat night. However I have been throwing them in. I find it easier when I do a soup with a salad and some hearty bread or such. My son seems to be picky when it comes to veggies but I keep presenting them and hoping one day he will like them….wish he would eat salads at least!

    I like the sound of the sweet potato coconut soup! I’ve done butternut squash with coconut…

  4. Carrie Snyder

    I’m guessing the squash soup will be similar to the sweet potato soup (although my children would have a similar reaction to “squash” that they do to “yams.” Sometimes success is all in the labelling.

  5. Leah

    “Pumpkin” soup serves a great substitute for “squash” soup in our house.


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