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Here’s a link to my second blog for on the triathlon challenge: note that the illustration is a stock photo, unrelated to me and my post-four-children body.

It’s a pile of questions today. One that I know may never get answered is about balance. Just ask me about the past two hours.

I am spending my non-writing day with the kids cramming in way too many domestic tasks. Here’s what I did between 1 and 3: arrived home with load of groceries, unloaded groceries, fed children, got bread (already in second rise on the counter) into hot oven, made yogurt, made supper in crockpot and rice in the oven, supervised two art projects, showed Fooey how to use CD player. Still haven’t eaten lunch. And laundry and dishes are crying to be done, too.


But I try to squeeze this stuff in wherever it will fit.

Annabel, by Kathleen Winter

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