What I Did Last Night

What you can’t see is the cheering section in the front window (Apple-Apple even wrote encouragement on a piece of paper: “Be careful moving the leaves.”). Honestly, the whole family stood at the window, waving and grinning with such excitement, CJ shouting so loudly I could hear him through the double-paned glass–I felt heroic.
Bedtime; Being Three


  1. kristin

    i. love. this.

  2. Carrie

    Thanks, Kristin. You know, it really took me back to childhood when I was happiest outside, lugging something heavy around–truly! That sense of enterprise and accomplishment. I love being reminded of who I was and am.

  3. Julia

    Oh my god… that’s a lot of yard work!

  4. Carrie

    I should assure you, Julia, that I did not actually have to do the yard work required to fill those bags with leaves–I just moved the finished product. A couple of the hockey guys were kind enough to come last Saturday and rake our backyard!! We have a lot of trees!


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