Bedtime; Being Three

The littlest don’t actually sleep in the same bed, but last night CJ sure wanted to climb in and give it a try. This was completely his initiative, and he snuggled in beside his big sis like he planned to stay all night.
Speaking of big sis, I’ve been reflecting on how hard it is to be three-and-a-half. Fooey is experiencing such conflicting desires: on the one hand, she clings to her mama, and expresses great neediness (“I need you!!!” even when I’m standing right beside her), but on the other hand, she wants to control everything that’s happening, which comes out in large, constant doses of bossiness; autocratic demands. Three year olds make fabulously dramatic dictators. I’m recognizing this as a familiar developmental stage. How hard it must be–to want to express one’s own mind and opinions, while simultaneously fearing the freedom and the responsibility independence points toward. It’s likely we’re all still experiencing this push-pull within ourselves, no matter our age. Hopefully to a lesser degree.
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  1. katie

    as usual, you put this into words so effortlessly and accurately! and i love that picture of angus. he’s got your smile.


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