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Evidence of Spring

Experiment’s done. I’m going back to the single blog, and will mingle photographs haphazardly with words, hang the consequences and messiness. Life is messy. Here’s what we found in our backyard today: snowdrops poking through brown earth; a toddler who looked as comfortable as the old-timers in the sandbox; children climbing and running and imagining; one man resting his leg and supervising.

Nearly Spring

Warmth. No jacket.
Library. Wind.
“I’m afraid of those big trucks, Mommy.” Bicycle with training wheels.
Stroller wheel corroded off mid-sidewalk push.
Cucumber sandwiches for lunch.
Afternoon sun.
Spaghetti pie planned for supper.
Time to wake the baby. (Oh. Can I still call him a baby when he’s nearly one year old?).

Almost a year spun by since we first met him.
Almost a year since the other children made up the song called “CJ brought spring.”