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Inside and Out

So it was a gorgeous day, a holiday here in Canada … and I spent it writing. Inside. Living in my head. My goal is to have this project completed before school’s out (end of June) so as to Live Life Outdoors all summer. Is this realistic? After today’s writing session, I’d say yes. Kevin and the kids enjoyed their holiday together, playing and working outdoors most of the day, planting grass and weeding dandelions, going to the park, eating hot dogs from a stand, injuring their knees, icing their injuries, et cetera.

Spring Storm

My internet connection has been playing hide-and-seek these past few days, rendering an online presence near impossible. This is probably a good thing, like therapy, but makes posting blog entries difficult (while simultaneously making me WANT to post even more; ah, thwarted desire). Here is our yesterday morning, first thing, hammocks hung, flowers abundant, knees scraped. Today the air is chilly, the earth cold and muddy, sky white. I got caught in the amazingly wild storm yesterday afternoon with all four kids. We were at the gelato shop uptown, the power went out briefly, and we looked outside to realize the weather had turned. It was almost scary. Pelting heavy rain that soaked us to the skin almost instantly, wind whipping, pushing the stroller with a screaming CJ protest, running as fast as we could for home while thunder pounded and lightening struck. The big kids LOVED it. Me, not quite so much. The power of the unknown.
Must publish this post while the connecton holds.

The New Room in Our House

What a difference a little spring sunshine makes. What a difference, after supper, to go outside and play! The trees are budding, the crocuses purple and tall. Admittedly, there’s not much grass, but I get a kick out of the sight of that weather-beaten rocking chair, toys strewn about on bare earth that will soon, soon come alive with green. Long live spring.


Walking to school this afternoon … thinking praise be for sunshine. We’re getting our roof done, and just learned our back porch is rotting away, like the front. Sometimes it feels like we’re just perpetually falling apart around here; yet I feel oddly bouyant. The bottom photo is of the older children’s folk music choir, after their performance earlier this week. It was moving to watch them gradually relax, lose some of the stage nerves, and sing from their hearts, even if they didn’t know every word. Though the expression on Albus’s face is kinda how he looked the entire time. When I asked him afterward what he’d been thinking, he couldn’t say. Here’s a taste of the performance (I couldn’t get it to upload here).

Children Hunting for Signs of Spring

These were taken by Albus and Apple-Apple in our backyard after school one day this week, when the weather was gorgeous and balmy. We’d noticed purple and yellow flowers sprouting from several neighbours’ yards on our walk home; none were coming up in ours, but even the slimmest green stem pushing through dead leaves is cause for celebration at this time of year. We awoke to a skiff of snow on the ground this morning; these pictures remind me of what awaits.