Somethings …

2022-12-11_01-31-21looking back at 2022 …

Something I’m proud of is … interviewing for this new job and showing up and doing it

Something at which I crashed and burned … keeping my sanity post-book-launch despite ample prep

Something happy … dinner at Asmaa’s with my boys

Something sad … not finishing Grandma’s book (writing it, that is)

Something big … publishing Francie; years of pressure and angst and trial behind it

Something small … all the walking I did with friends — but it added up to something big

Something funny … lord in heaven have I had no fun this year?? Maybe trying out the secretary’s under-the-desk foot pedal exercise device at [school name redacted], looking silly, feeling free

Something that surprised me this year … still surprised I got 2 tattoos!

xo, Carrie

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