Your needs have been met


“Your needs have been met.”

It was with these words that my wonderful teacher and friend opened yesterday evening’s kundalini yoga class. You have food. You are clothed. You have shelter. You are safe. This is bliss, she said. And I felt the bliss of it, of what I have, of what I take for granted. Your needs have been met. Truth.

Rice with spices and paneer. Lentils with pumpkin and turmeric. Stretchy pants and a tank top. A house with rooms to move through, to fill, to relax into. A neighbourhood where children walk to school, and I feel safe to walk or run, even in the dark.

I’m going to repeat these words to myself, make them my mantra, whenever I feel a lack, any lack, overwhelmed, frustrated. Your needs have been met. Your needs have already been met.

My theme for the month is: health. It’s expanding out of quitting caffeine, which has been a good choice for me; I feel more calm, physically less jittery, mentally dreamier. I’m prioritizing sleep, going to bed earlier whenever possible. I’ve begun seeing a chiropractor to address my chronic hamstring pain. I’m doing fifteen minutes of daily meditation, with yoga. And I’m going to return my dentist’s calls … I promise. It’s on the list.

Nothing too radical. I’m taking time, because I have time, and I can. My needs have been met, more than met, amply met, undeservedly met, and I have the luxury of choice and of choosing. How to say thank you, to express gratitude? I can’t think of any way except to be at peace in this life, in this body. And to share it somehow.

xo, Carrie

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  1. Leah

    Wonderful post Carrie and a wonderful reminder to all of us. When those stressful moments in life hit I will be reminding myself: my needs have been met.

  2. Kerry

    So many first world problems we think are problems, until we take a moment and realize what we have here.
    I get stuck on the sickening stories lately out of South Sudan, for example, and I try to just be at peace. It’s hard, but sounds like you are doing well at it.
    Thanks for the reminder. Need to call my dentist too.
    Hope you have a good week Carrie.

  3. Barbara

    I have read this many times since you posted it, and it brings me peace each time. I’m not sure why it resonates so deeply for me. I just shared it with my sister who lost a very dear friend last night. Thank you for your openness and honesty.


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