Please start afresh, week. Please?

the face of an Easter egg hunter, worried she’s missing something that somebody else might have found first

This week is ever so slightly refusing to start afresh.

I find long weekends disruptive, being the one at home handling the children (or even sharing the handling). It’s out of my routine. And I’m a routine-centred person. Yesterday the kids were home; Kevin was not. But work went on. At least, I attempted to work. I sent emails. I did an interview. I was absolutely buried in mountains of laundry. I baked bread. I let the kids run wild. I let them play wii for way too long. There were playdates. I was just scarcely paying enough attention. Everything turned out fine.

But, oh, I was so looking forward to today.

And then, just as the kids were putting on coats and boots and packing school bags this morning, literally minutes before my week was due to begin afresh, the child pictured above announced that she couldn’t go. Her tummy hurt. An ache? Nausea? Pain? What exactly? Was it truly school-missing-worthy? She insisted. Finally, I accepted. After all, I didn’t want to send a sick child to school. So here she is at home, with me, in my office right now, wandering the small space, alternately curling in the chair, making the stool squeak as she tries to twirl it, and asking whether she might, just maybe, watch a movie??

Um, no. No rewards offered for missing school. No incentives to repeat this act tomorrow. Is she sick? I’m not sure. If so, she’s not very sick. For which I am appreciative. Tomorrow is another day. I hope to heck we can start the week afresh then. Mama needs some alone-time.

more Easter egg hunters, concerned they might be missing out

(These photos crack me up. Instead of capturing delighted little faces, my camera seemed to have grabbed expressions of vague anxiety and concern: Someone else might be finding something that I want! There were comparisons of basket contents, and much discussion (okay, argument) over how many eggs everyone should be allowed to find. And, in CJ’s case, there was a sort of puzzlement, like: Is this egg all there is? Really? This is what I’ve been looking for?)

but he looks pretty cute here

Let Them Eat Cake!
Get up and fly


  1. Ellen

    Whenever I look back at old photos of Easter Egg hunts with the kids I seem to always have their backs to me. This year at my niece’s home as I tried to take photos of her kids and my nephew’s kids they were blurry with all the running around in the small yard they have.

    I can’t say I’m excited about the photos I did but it is a memory…like yours showing the faces you hadn’t expected. I do like the one of the running towards have beautiful children Carrie!

    Maybe your daughter needed a PAD day (personal attention day) with you. Maybe she will share with you later why she wasn’t up to going today. On days like that for my girls (son never did this) if they seemed fine by lunch time I would drive them back to school…

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Hm, you may be right, Ellen. Maybe she just needs some time at home with me. She’s actually been generally very pleasant and easy, and was a help when we ran errands together. So it hasn’t been too hard!


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