People behaving badly (or not)

A quick post on a busy day. First, must let you know about an event taking place tomorrow evening, at which I will be reading: at The Silver Spoon in Kitchener, and I’ll be going on around 7:45/8pm. (I probably won’t be behaving too badly, however, contrary to the poster’s title. Which could be a disappointment, I realize.)

I’d also like to direct you to a few finds online.

:: A great review of What We Talk About When We Talk About War, by Noah Richler (once-upon-a-time, my boss). Reviewed by Kerry Clare at Pickle Me This. Very thoughtful.

:: Today, on the main page of the 49th Shelf, my list of “books that made me want to write.”

:: And, in honour of poetry month, a wonderful poem by a Canadian poet, Amanda Jernigan, who is making waves, and was just nominated for a major award. I wasn’t familiar with her work, but immediately loved this poem. It’s called Catch.

Happy Wednesday!

Telling tales


  1. Kate T.

    Oh my gosh, isn’t Amanda Jernigan amazing? So looking forward to getting that new collection. There’s a really lovely and ruminative interview – including some poems – with her online here: Hope that link works, I’m html challenged.

  2. Ellen

    I always enjoy new ideas of books to read and though for some reason I couldn’t figure where to click of “your choices” I did find it at last. Silly me.

    The poem “the Catch”…wow…the idea of catching the ball after what the father had said, well if I had been a child I would have had a racing heart. I envisioned a red ball but maybe because of the circular red drawing with the poem that might have something to do with it. Sometimes an adult may say something that to and adult could seem trivial but to a child it could be downright scary.


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