Walking to school this afternoon … thinking praise be for sunshine. We’re getting our roof done, and just learned our back porch is rotting away, like the front. Sometimes it feels like we’re just perpetually falling apart around here; yet I feel oddly bouyant. The bottom photo is of the older children’s folk music choir, after their performance earlier this week. It was moving to watch them gradually relax, lose some of the stage nerves, and sing from their hearts, even if they didn’t know every word. Though the expression on Albus’s face is kinda how he looked the entire time. When I asked him afterward what he’d been thinking, he couldn’t say. Here’s a taste of the performance (I couldn’t get it to upload here).
What I Did Last Night
tired, so tired


  1. Tricia

    I saw you taking photos of the kids in the stroller that day. I think I may be walking in the background of the third photo. Hard to tell. I took photos that day too.

  2. Carrie

    Yes, Tricia! I think you are in the background. What a beautiful day. Hope today will be as lovely.


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