Saturday Sick Day

This was not part of the plan …

It’s funny how suddenly we can be thrown off track by unexpected events, even not particularly serious ones. Like, for example, a violent stomach bug. That strikes one’s husband at 3 in the morning. This is a man who rarely gets sick, and even when sick seems to soldier on relentlessly. Not so today. The dad’s in bed, and he’s joined by his sick daughter (Apple-Apple). The rest of us have spent the day quietly if not contemplatively. CJ is currently wiping the cupboards and back door window with mashed homemade dairy-free/wheat-free/egg-free teething biscuit. Mix that stuff with saliva and you could use it to grout tile. The baby monitor is on so I can keep an ear on my patients upstairs; they are chatting companionably and looked very cozy tucked in together. The remaining two household participants are seated at the counter. Albus is reading and eating popcorn, and Fooey is playing with matchbox cars and eating popcorn. She’s made the cars into characters.

Earlier in the afternoon, we went outside and played heartily in the snow in our front yard. There are pictures posted from that event on the parallel photo blog; link at right.

I am boiling water for pasta to go with (or not) the turkey broth that’s been brewing all day, laced with loads of garlic, pepper, and lime. CJ’s cookie has disappeared. I’m feeling vaguely nauseous myself and hoping for the best.

If all goes well, I’ll stick with my Sunday local food round-up; if not, you’ll know why.

Sleeping Babes, Three
Abbreviated Local Food Round-Up

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