The week in suppers

mushrooms and onions

**Monday’s menu** Ham and scalloped potatoes. Salad. Corn. Fruit with whipped cream for dessert.
**Best of all** An extra Easter dinner, not cooked by me. Prepared and hosted by my dad and stepmom.

**Tuesday’s menu** Udon noodles stir-fried with tofu and veggies.
**Inspired** I’ll admit that a new product at the grocery store inspired this meal. Udon noodles! I mixed everything together and forced everyone to try it. But it was so delicious, I really got no complaints. No more than usual, that is.

**Wednesday’s menu** Baked potatoes. Broccoli. Mushrooms and onions fried with bacon. Sour cream, grated cheese, butter.
**Obstacles** Eldest son was supposed to turn on oven when he got home from school (as I was out with the others at piano lessons). This has worked without a hitch in the past. Except he called to say he was at a friend’s house instead. So the potatoes didn’t start baking until I got home. And on another note … really, if I was going to fry bacon, I should have just fried it into crumbly bits. Instead it got kind of soggy amidst the giant pan of mushrooms and onions. And the kids were not fooled and did not eat their veggies as hoped. They picked the bacon out of the mix and skipped the rest. Sigh. (One package of nitrate-free bacon was an impulse purchase from Bailey’s; clearly not vegetarian.)

**Thursday’s menu** Cranberry beans. Baked rice. Cabbage and carrot salad.
**Beans** The beans smelled delicious simmering all afternoon. But in truth, I like two kinds of beans: black (or turtle) and small red Mexican, and the cranberry beans (aka romano, I think) pale by comparison. They’re a little too fat, a little too mushy. Probably better for a soup than as a stand-alone bean atop a pile of rice. But I have a large bag to get through …

**Friday’s menu** Veggie burgers, hot dogs, and veggies on the BBQ.
**Thanks** to Kevin, who saved supper when I realized I’d planned nothing, had spent the day writing, and was about to leave for swim lessons with the kids.


**Weekend cooking accomplishments** Four loaves of bread.

**Cooking with kids** Fooey’s menu. Breakfast for dinner.
**Truth is** Kevin did all the cooking. Fooey was feeling a bit off, so we thought it best. Albus pitched in on the fried potatoes.

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    I love your soggy bacon and Kevin,too.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Thank you, Sheree. Your comments always give me a big smile.


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