Prepping for a party

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Nerves. I’m feeling fidgety. Distracted. Anxious. Nervous.

The kids are sensing the vibe, which brings out different responses in each. AppleApple wants to help. Albus is extra-thoughtful. CJ keeps giving me kisses. Fooey is extra-rebellious. I think they’re all expressing the same thing though: Say it’s okay, Mom!

It’s okay, kids.

What’s happening tonight is just a party. I mean, it’s a big party, for me. But still, it’s just a party. If I can hope for anything, it’s to be relaxed and comfortable and to embrace the moment. I hope the words glide off my tongue during the reading. I hope to remember everyone’s name — I really really hope for that.

What else to hope for? All of the above seems quite enough.

Yet I could go on. And on. I hope not to discover something’s been stuck in my teeth all night. I hope not to trip walking onto the stage, or off of it. I hope my foot stays out of my mouth. I hope my hair dries pretty. I hope my voice hangs in. I hope my kids are good for the babysitter. I hope there’s not a blizzard. I hope my hands don’t shake. I hope I remember how to sign my name.

Oh yeah. I hope to have fun.

I hope to have fun.

I hope to really really really have fun. That too. That most of all.

Scores of crows in the trees overhead
Better than dreaming: launching Juliet


  1. Tricia Orchard

    You will be great!

    Can’t wait to see you tonight.

    Tricia, my name is Tricia! 🙂

  2. nancy

    You WILL have fun FUN FUN FUN FUN!!! You will be GREAT!!!! You will be RELAXED!!! You will SEIZE THE MOMENT in each moment and just GO with the flow. You will be phenomenal and relaxed and basking in everyone’s love and admiration. Breathe, Carrie, breathe. You’ve earned this recognition. Tonight’s YOUR night. EMBRACE it, hon! Every letter you’ve typed, every moment you’ve agonized over the right phrase, every early morning/sleepless night spent crafting this jewel culminates in this celebration! You DID IT!!! It’s published – it’s out there for the rest of the world to love and embrace. You can breathe now. Have a cry and a pineapple juice and your hair will be pretty. It will. KUDOS to you! Can’t wait to party and celebrate you tonight. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!! xo n

  3. nancy

    p.s. have yer hubby make you a wee hot toddy before you leave. for the nerves. just a tiny, wee one. might calm you. (though, you might trip getting on stage – that’s okay, though. we’re rooting for you!)

  4. Carrie Snyder

    If I’m signing a book for you, please say, It’s Tricia. Just in case I forget. 🙂

  5. Carrie Snyder

    Thank you, thank you, Nancy!

    Breathe. Hope I remember that!

    And Kevin would love nothing more than to make me a hot toddy, I’m sure. (Hope I don’t drink too much; I’ll add that to the list …)

  6. m

    If you can’t remember people’s names, just ask them to spell it for you. Or ask to whom they want it inscribed.

    This is going to sound cheesy, but here it goes. Your launch is like a wedding. It’s mostly for you and for your loved ones to celebrate and mark the occasion. Take time to pull back, to remember. It’s for you, you’re the boss, so have fun!

  7. Carrie Snyder

    Thank you, Marita!

    I was thinking it reminds me of a wedding–mostly because I was so bad at the details when we had our wedding, so I left them to friends to take care of. Which is actually kind of what’s happening today! My “bridesmaid-in-charge” in 1999 is my “party-planner-in-charge” today.

    Also, I had a great time at my wedding. So here’s hoping…

  8. Heidi

    Sending you lots of juicy fun vibes. I wish I could be there, and can’t wait to hear all about it.

  9. m

    Those little details that we stress over? Mostly no one remembers them. People remember you reading, talking with you, hearing your song, having a good time. And they won’t have a good time if you aren’t!

    Have fun! I so wish I could be there to raise a glass to you and Juliet. I can’t wait to read all about it. 🙂

  10. Carrie Snyder

    Thank you, Heidi.
    Haven’t decided whether I’ll risk taking my camera. One more distraction? But I’d love to have some good footage from the night.

  11. Carrie Snyder

    And you know I’ll be writing about it!

  12. Janis

    I promise to tell you if there’s something between your teeth. The rest is up to you. But I have great faith, Carrie – your party planner in charge is awesome, and you have done every damn thing you habv ever set your mind to, so why should tonight be any different!

    So excited for you, and so looking forward to it!!

    Janis (which I shall tactfully spell for you when you sign my book!!)

  13. Auntie Cake's Shop

    Have a great time tonight Carrie, enjoy yourself, bask….congratulations! Kate O

  14. Carrie Snyder

    Thank you, thank you, Kate. I did enjoy myself. Home now, and basking. xo


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