Day of the Dead

Yesterday, we celebrated/marked el Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Kevin was thinking a lot about his dad, who died of cancer two years ago, on Halloween. Last year, we drove to his mom’s farm near Kingston after trick-or-treating, exactly as we’d done the previous year; but this year, Kevin worked on Halloween, and we couldn’t make the pilgrimage. So, instead, Kevin made a Day of the Dead shrine to honour those family members who’ve passed on. The kids and I were anxious about the candles burning down the house (sorry, Kev, I seem to have passed along the worry gene that doesn’t afflict you, and certainly didn’t afflict your dad, either!). I spent the Day of the Dead cooking up a feast. Albus played street hockey all afternoon, Fooey played indoors, Apple-Apple ploughed through the rest of the fifth Harry Potter book whilst wiggling a loose tooth (now out), and CJ napped.

I’m alone with CJ again this morning, and we are playing upstairs. If we get downstairs, and if he doesn’t strongly object to my typing, I will add some recipes …
Trick or Treating
Recipes: Carrot Soup and non-Carrot Granola

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