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Best Toy Ever

We get our groceries delivered. Yes, I know that sounds decadent, but it costs less than ten dollars and they carry everything into our kitchen. Okay, that is decadent. Who am I kidding. But look, included in the price of delivery is the Best Toy Ever. Peek-a-boo.

Sunday Morning

Re above: our living-room, Sunday morning, post-breakfast, while Albus and parents plan for his upcoming birthday party in the kitchen. Musical track in the background: Christmas music. (Nooooooo!!!!). Of course, this scene has since dissolved, is dissolving as I type, with the addition of Albus as Santa Claus. Apple-Apple is sitting on Albus, Fooey has just come to report rather urgently.

The New Room in Our House

What a difference a little spring sunshine makes. What a difference, after supper, to go outside and play! The trees are budding, the crocuses purple and tall. Admittedly, there’s not much grass, but I get a kick out of the sight of that weather-beaten rocking chair, toys strewn about on bare earth that will soon, soon come alive with green. Long live spring.
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