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Children Hunting for Signs of Spring

These were taken by Albus and Apple-Apple in our backyard after school one day this week, when the weather was gorgeous and balmy. We’d noticed purple and yellow flowers sprouting from several neighbours’ yards on our walk home; none were coming up in ours, but even the slimmest green stem pushing through dead leaves is cause for celebration at this time of year. We awoke to a skiff of snow on the ground this morning; these pictures remind me of what awaits.

Instead of Doing Dishes …

I’ve been getting to supervise the kids’ baths. It’s pretty fun. So this is what I’ve been missing while doing the dishes instead. Apple-Apple was especially amused by the bath toy stuck on CJ’s head (not visible in this photo) and ran for the camera. Are we running for the camera too often these days? Not sure what to do with the wealth of “out-takes” clogging our hard drive that will likely never be printed, but seem somehow too precious to erase. In honour of CJ’s first birthday, I’ve uploaded and printed a pile of photos from his first year, which I’ll put into an album … see, the fourth child won’t be entirely neglected! I’d like to do this for each child’s birthday this year, and start an ongoing tradition.
It’s not CJ’s birthday yet. One week from today. But he got to open his first gift today, and despite being sick, was entirely enthusiastic. He knew exactly what to do: reach into bag and start removing gifts. Then put gifts back into bag for an impromptu game. As always, with one-year-olds, the bag is at least as amusing as the gift itself.

Evidence of Spring

Experiment’s done. I’m going back to the single blog, and will mingle photographs haphazardly with words, hang the consequences and messiness. Life is messy. Here’s what we found in our backyard today: snowdrops poking through brown earth; a toddler who looked as comfortable as the old-timers in the sandbox; children climbing and running and imagining; one man resting his leg and supervising.


Okay, I’ve added some photos on another blog that is running parallel to this one. I’ll pop the link in at the side. Explanation over there, and perhaps to follow here at some later date when I’m not so tired. I do hope to continue using photos to accent this blog, but this is going to have more words. More words, she says, and sighs deeply, and blinks, and wishes there was a little button one could push that would lift one directly to bed (and brush one’s teeth, and put on one’s pajamas on the way up).

Trying to Add Pictures

Above. I was trying to capture the moment on Tuesday when Fooey was sick and CJ was wearing an old pink sweater that used to belong to Apple-Apple, and we were hanging on the couch. In anticipation of the flash, CJ kept blinking, and Fooey had a hard time taking her thumb out of her mouth.

I love photographs on other people’s blogs. But other people are genuinely good photographers; I’ve got words and not much else for talents. Nevertheless. I’m all for experimenting, so here goes.
So last night, to celebrate the last swim lessons of the term (semi-successful results: one passed, one was magnanimous, and one was oblivious), we got take-out sushi and olive bread and cheese and salami from a new neighbourhood store, and we enjoyed a truly happy supper, relaxed, conversational, Friday-ish. Fooey insisted on having her picture taken, so we went around the table and got everyone. Satiated.

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