Summer Carrie, progress report


Summer Carrie is here. Summer Carrie is traveling, swimming, reading, hanging laundry on the line, doing copious amounts of yoga, walking with friends, hosting family, eating entire cucumbers, picking backyard berries, and soaking in the sunshine (and rain).


Will I finish my summer writing project? Will I learn how to watercolour flowers? Will I eat enough cherries to last me all year? When will I see the Barbie movie? Can anyone slice a watermelon better than my dad? Why are so many people from my past visiting in my dreams? Do the ones I love know that I love them, do I tell them often enough, and in languages that speak directly to their hearts? Should I aim for more sleep and rest, or more play and fun? Am I brave enough to do all the things I’ve said yes to?


Oh goodness.

xo, Carrie

Summer groove
Ordinary wonder

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  1. Amy

    Yes. Eventually.
    Yes. Definitely.
    No, but it’s worth trying anyway.
    When it’s worth squeezing in.
    Probably not. How does he do it?
    Because you are open to remembering now.
    Yes. Because you are the kind of person that asks such questions, and who recognizes that the how question is equally important.
    Whichever your body tells you in the moment.
    Yes. And more. But you’re also brave enough to change a yes to a no when you need to.


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