Paperback promises


This box arrived during an overall challenging week. The paperback version of Francie will be in stores July 4th. The back cover is adorned with generous blurbs from Tasneem Jamal and Emily Urquhart, and I’m so so appreciative of them and of everyone who helped support and bring forth this novel. Thank you a thousand times over.

In other news, Kevin is travelling to England and Iceland with our eldest (partly for work; partly for fun) and I’m holding down the fort in his absence. Lots of solo late-evening dog walks, lots of solo yoga, plus work, plus cooking way too much food for the number of people currently in the house. I cannot calibrate on food prep. I cook for a crowd. But there is no crowd in this house right now. I’ve also been watching the weather obsessively. It’s been raining off and on for days, and our drier is broken, so I need to hang everything outside on the line. Whew. The things that occupy a person when she’s missing her person.

It’s Friday and I’m going to sleep in tomorrow.

That is all.

xo, Carrie

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