This too shall pass, right?


Confession: Today, it feels like I’m totally out of juice. I’m out of steam. I’m bored of myself. I’ve reached an intense sensation of ENOUGH! My impatience with, well, everything that seems to cross my field of vision is competing only with my indifference. It’s unusual that I feel like I don’t care. Today, I don’t care. I just want to be finished with the presidency of Donald Trump, and also the pandemic, and, autocracy and incompetence and gaslighting and gilded mediocrity and the racism infecting all of our systems. I’m done with people going hungry in countries like ours where there should be enough. I’m finished with people getting rich off people being poor. My own life is pretty sweet and easy. Objectively, I’ve had a pretty sweet and easy day, writing, biking, running, laundry, helping a kid make supper. So I shouldn’t feel done or tired or like switching off. But I do. I hope this too shall pass. This too shall pass, right? But what comes next and will it get worse, and sadder and harder? There are some people I want to hug.

xo, Carrie

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  1. Sandra Davies

    Oh, Carrie, I hear you loud and clear! I have been trying to finish a poem for my poetry group tomorrow and I’m so tired and headachy and cranky, I should just leave it. I tried to have a little nap, but the thoughts going around in my head, similar to yours, kept me wide awake and angry and sad, and worried for my grandchildren who are still little and vulnerable. Hunger and war and that hideous Donald Trump and Co are terrifying in their hatred. The faces of blind fury – what to do, what to do? I have no idea, but I thank you for your words – they are mine too. Rage, rage against those who would destroy with impunity. And hold your loved ones close.


    • Susan Fish

      A friend recently described it as having no adrenaline left, which I think is an apt description of the sort of depletion that is widespread these days. These gorgeous fall days that we sleepwalk our way through.


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