That hair-flipping moment of truth


I’ve got a new essay on mentorship up at TNQ, the local award-winning literary magazine that has accompanied me throughout my career: you’ll find all of the plot points in the essay, including publication, rejection and cause for hope. I hope you’ll read it.

xo, Carrie

Before and after
Oh, how I love the kids from Parkland

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  1. Kerry

    This is great Carrie, getting to hear your journey as a writer. It’s always that first moment, and my “writer” moment didn’t start when I was a child either, but more as a young woman. Now I feel I am starting late. I’m trying to learn the Canadian literary scene, rather than all that’s mostly Americanized. I admit I have been searching for a mentor, thought I’d found one, but I think multiples isn’t a bad thing. You gave me hope when we met, as I’ve seen some of my writing published, but then doubted myself. So, I too wish to have a book published. Lots of discomfort there, hope with writing grants/prizes/contests, but I’m learning all of this in my thirties, a vastly different path than most. Sharing this article.


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