My imaginary course, please hire me to teach this

Soon, I will teach my last class for another term. Because I am a sessional lecturer, there is no guarantee I will teach again. But I would like to; I would like, in addition to the introductory creative writing course I’m teaching now, to teach an advanced course that combines writing and drawing and collaboration, and demands serious commitment, a heavy workload; at the end of the course, everyone would have made a book (illustrated, but for adults).

Here are the questions this course would address, and engage with:


“What is creativity and where can I find it?”


“How can I get into the creative flow?”


“How can I stop procrastinating and do what I want?”


“Is creativity something I can practice? Can anyone?”

(In the above exercise, captions are paired with random illustrations; this is an example of an exercise one might do in my imaginary course.)

Last month, I spoke to a writer’s group about time management, and the question that arose most urgently was: How do I stop procrastinating? How do I get started? Which led into an even more complicated question: How do I get into the creative flow? Is this something you can learn and practice?

Yes, I said. You can practice getting into the creative flow. You can learn.

I believe this to be true. But in answering the question, last month, I got stuck on the how. And so I’ve been thinking about it, or my unconscious mind has been thinking about it, ever since. It isn’t just about discipline. (It is somewhat about discipline.) It’s about trusting that you can access something, fall into something, step into something that is unseen and unknown, without knowing or seeing it in advance. Can this be taught? I would like to try.

xo, Carrie

P.S. The course would be based around Lynda Barry’s Syllabus. It would be an unabashedly Lynda-Barry-styled course, even though I am a low-key Canadian who possesses not even a tenth of Lynda Barry’s charisma, and even though I am a writer not an artist; I believe the material would rise above my personal limitations.

We would be poets
Sequencing exercise # 2: In kundalini class


  1. Carol

    I want to take this course!
    You ask the questions, but you go further, deeper. I feel like I have this imposter syndrome. Big things are often lurking and I don’t trust myself or something. And I fall into what I think is procrastination but, really, my mind is working on it all the time. Things need time to percolate. Years sometimes. And all of a sudden I find I can do what I realize I was preparing to do all along.
    Yes, I want to take this course, and practice through writing again.

  2. Susan Fish

    I always see this question as far more about the undoing rather than the doing–what stands in the way, internally and externally?

  3. Julia Zarankin

    I would so totally take this course. Please teach it. Or let me know when someone hires you to teach it and I’ll be there.


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