Under the influence

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I suppose I should know better than to blog under the influence of extreme emotion or wine, or, much worse, both, but here goes.

I am “home” from a truly wonderful evening that completely focused on and celebrated Invisible sous the lumiere, as Girl Runner must be called while I am in France. It was a truly remarkable evening. I can’t believe it, actually. Nearly three hours, all focused on Girl Runner. The first performer (above) was actually a writer, not an actress, a young woman who has already published novels herself and who is also a runner: she memorized at least half an hour of text directly from the novel and performed it — embodying Aggie at different times in Aggie’s life. After her performance, which was very moving, the same woman did a short lecture on sports and literature, and the book. This was followed by a second performance, a reading from the book performed by a male actor, who showed us a whole different aspect of Aggie’s character — her humour. The audience was really laughing. I started to think that I’d written not a novel but a play! When his reading of the text was done, it was my turn on stage for an interview, with a warm reception from the audience.

After all of this, there was a dinner for the artists. During which I had some wine along with the meal. And I’m only “home” now, and it’s after midnight.

I feel like I’ve seen something that I won’t forget, and also that’s changed my view of what I can do and imagine. Being in France has shown me Aganetha as I never saw her before, but it has also shown me something about my own writing that I hadn’t appreciated, somehow. I don’t know how to describe it. All I can say is that it’s amazing to feel such energy and to be in such a different creative space. This trip has been a complete gift. Full stop.

Tomorrow is the performance of my museum piece. And on Monday I come home. But meanwhile, here I am, floating.

xo, Carrie

Paris wandering
I think I came to France ...


  1. La bacchante

    I was at The Moulin, yesterday. It was a great moment on a great novel. Thanks !

  2. Shari Lovell

    I have been following your trip to France with absolute delight and I am so pleased that it is has turned to be everything and more than what you could possibly have anticipated. What an amazing experience!!! Congratulations Carrie.

  3. Kerry

    Wow, Carrie. This is beautiful. I had goosebumps reading it. I can only imagine what it was like to be there, to hear two such different renditions of the work you created. Almost like you had written a plan, instead of a novel? Wow. What an experience. I enjoyed reading your words under the influence of some French wine.
    Safe trip home. So happy to have read these France posts of yours.

  4. Kerry



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