Odd perks of the job


An unexpected perk of writing a book called Girl Runner was being asked to review running shoes for a running magazine (iRun.ca). In total, twelve pairs of shoes came through my front door this past winter, and I tested and wrote about all of them. The magazine will be running my full piece in their next print edition, which comes out soon, but meanwhile, here’s a link to one of the shoe reviews posted online earlier this week. It’s for the Saucony Triumph ISO, a shoe I liked a lot and continue to wear often. (Side note: I’ve got Triumphs and Boosts and Wave Riders; shoe manufacturers remind me of car manufacturers–it’s all in the aspirational naming.)

I have to say, this is making me ponder subjects for my next book in a totally different way. Just kidding. But seriously: if I wrote about ponies, would someone give me a pony? Please?

xo, Carrie

PS Random photo of goats. I don’t have any photos of ponies on hand.

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  1. Rachel Cort

    So you are saying that writers get free shoes? I may have to reconsider my career choices!

    • Carrie Snyder

      I think this only applies if you write a book about running, Rachel! Next up, a book about chocolate. 🙂

  2. Margo, Thrift at Home

    shucks – I was hoping you had goats in your back yard.

    That kind of free stuff would absolutely influence my subject matter!!! Go for the pony! Or what about a concert pianist (the grand pianos!!)? Or maybe even a professional baker (angle for the British side of things and get an Aga!). These are fun day dreams, actually.


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