In Calgary, anonymous hotel room


Hi there.

I’m in Calgary.

The Weather Network tells me it is 6 degrees, feels like 3. Thankfully, I brought along fall jacket, hat, and scarf. And four pairs of shoes, though I find myself wishing for a fifth. Do you know how hard it is to bring shoes for all occasions!? All stuffed into the tiniest carry-on bag you can imagine. It might be that the four pairs of shoes have replaced essential clothing, and I’ll be wearing this same shirt/jeans combo for the next ten days.

Reading on the plane: an advance copy of Elisabeth de Mariaffi’s thriller, The Devil You Know, due out in January, which also kept me up late last night. You’ll want to read this.

Have been rehydrating from airplane trip all morning. Went for a run on the treadmill. Meeting a friend for lunch. Workshop this afternoon, Literary Death Match this evening, panel discussion tomorrow morning, then on to Banff.

Photos while travelling will be cellphone-produced.

I’m calling the one above Woman In Anonymous Hotel Room. Actually, it looks like Very Short Woman with Unnatural Half-Smile and Flat Wet Hair in Anonymous Hotel Room.

Wish me luck. And send sociable, friendly vibes. Please, and thank you.

xo, Carrie

Homesickness prevention plan
In Calgary, Literary Death Match report


  1. m

    Have fun! So wish I could meet up with you on this trip west, but Vancouver’s fest is out of the cards for me unfortunately. Sending good vibes your way. 🙂

    • Carrie

      So sorry it won’t work this time, Marita! Really really sorry, in fact. I hope our paths cross in person again.

      • m

        They will, I promise! It may not be until our next books, but I’m determined to get you to Victoria, and I’m longing to have an Ontario tour. One day, one day.


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