Why so tired?

DSC_3643.jpgWhy am I so tired? I asked as I arrived at the top of the stairs at 8:45 this evening, a bit breathless, carrying a full, folded basket of clean laundry. And then my day ran through my mind: supper from scratch (polenta with tomato sauce and goat cheese); baked a batch of bread; made the week’s schedule; three loads of laundry; sheets changed; errands run on foot uptown; 12.5km run; kid to soccer tryout. That’s enough for one day, right?

Am I supposed to be this tired, or am I abnormally tired? Honestly, I can’t tell. The run today was hard, even though I took it easy for the first half. But I struggled toward the end, which has me fearing the Toad next Saturday–twice the length, and a much more challenging course. I didn’t feel like myself.

How can I not be so tired? I ask. And then look at my upcoming schedule and can’t figure out how. That’s all for tonight’s post. I still need to read a bedtime story to my wee ones, one of whom is standing right beside me, clutching his chosen books, and wondering … “When will you read to me?”

How about now?

xo, Carrie

I am doing a writing exercise I've assigned to my students
In Alice Munro country


  1. When my children were younger, I loved climbing on their beds (each one had story time with mom or dad) and reading to them. I found it so relaxing and the perfect way to end a day. Cuddling seemed to recharge my weary mind. And isn’t it amazing how much we do sometimes in a given day?

    • Reading before bed is the best.


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