My book! She is here!


My book! She is here!

So, this arrived yesterday. It’s the finished book, freshly arrived at the Anansi offices this week, and sent directly on to me, so, no, it’s not quite in stores yet, but will be soon; and for sure by Sept. 6th, the official pub date in Canada (other countries coming next year). This will be my reading copy. I’m going to write that on the inside cover. Actually, I’m going to do that now, while I’m thinking about it, because that is how I’m approaching life, that is my survival strategy: think of it, do it, done.

My motto (for real): I don’t procrastinate. Oddly, this can cause problems.

But it solves more problems than it causes, and it’s been working for me for years, so I’m sticking with it.


“Reading copy. Aug. 19, 2014.” GIRL RUNNER

See? Thought it, did it, done. (And yes that is yesterday’s date, because yesterday is when I received the book, and that’s what I want to remember.)

This fall is already knocking down my door, and I want to welcome what’s coming, not greet it with anxiety or worry over all that I can’t control. Here is the visual that’s keeping me grounded these days. I am a still point in a fast-moving river. I’m not drowning. I’m not even swimming. I’m simply being pulled along, like a leaf or a branch, floating through all that is happening and trying to take it all in.

It’s going to be busy.

It’s already busy.

My strategy: stay very organized, and don’t get pushed ahead of exactly where I’m at — stay with what’s happening, here, present in the moment.

This morning, walking through the kitchen, I had a flash of memory that made me laugh. I was remembering standing at the counter stirring up a batch of biscuits for supper, a baby strapped to my chest in a sling, a toddler lying at my feet crying that she wanted to “help,” and the older two freshly home from school and in that state of exhausted, hungry, miserable transition. Chaos, noise, demands, needs abounded. The radio was on too. I grabbed the camera and took a video to preserve the moment, because it seemed very comical to me. And I thought to myself this morning: if I could be the still point in that storm, I can be the still point anywhere, anytime, but most especially, most easily, in this storm of my own creation, that I’ve been working toward for years now. It’s here. And I’m being pulled along.

The house is so quiet
Be still, outside


  1. Alysia

    Yay! Looking forward to picking up my own copy when it arrives at Words Worth. Thanks for the sage words, too — much needed at this time of year.

  2. Trilby

    Congratulations, Carrie! Looking forward to the read 🙂

  3. Margo, Thrift at Home

    this is wonderful! The book looks beautiful. I want to remember the “still point” bit of this post especially.

    I also tend to not procrastinate as a way to stay organized and sometimes I get rid of things or lock in plans that I later regret. Oh well. And of course I am married to an enormous procrastinator.

  4. Carol Bauman

    Oh Carrie,
    You’ve done it again. With your simple honest prose you’ve taken me to the core, to what I need to hear, on the day I need to hear it. I’m so very happy that your book will be available soon. I will devour it somehow when I have no time to read something other than for work.
    You see, I am a procrastinator and I don’t want to be. The world is one giant ball of swirling colour, sound, and texture and it takes every ounce of energy I have, some days, to stay on track. Your blog I save for times when I have been good, when I have finished something I’ve started, or started something I should have started. So today it was a gift to hear that you, with all the pulling and pushing that moves you along, can choose to stay organized.
    I will too, because I will it to be. Thank you!!


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