Let’s call it spring


Very briefly, last weekend, it felt like spring.


I took these photos on Monday, when the big kids were at soccer and swimming, and the little kids and I hung out in the backyard, basking in the sunshine.


Then it went and got all cold again. So we haven’t basked since.


But I’m still prepared to call it spring. It feels like things are happening, or about to happen, fomenting under the surface. Late bright evenings, early bright mornings. Reading, running, playing, being outside again. It’s about to get really busy and, I hope, really colourful.

What's precious
State of baking


  1. Danica

    Those pictures are gorgeous. I live in Vancouver so we’ve been enjoying spring weather for months. I’m not bragging, I’m basking. We moved here from a more northern address at the end of December. I’m loving it. It’s going to be 25 degrees on Wednesday. Ahhhh!

    I enjoy your blog. I thought I’d finally de-lurk. 🙂

    • Carrie Snyder

      Hi Danica,

      Thanks for de-lurking! And I’m a bit envious of anyone basking in warm spring weather … it hasn’t been basking-weather since a week ago Monday, and today we’re enjoying a cold rain. But at least it’s not snow.


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