It’s my most favourite time of the week


Sunday evening.

“You’re much more picky about everything when you’re irritated and grumpy, Mom.” (“I’m irritated and grumpy, am I?”) Not to be confused with merely grumpy. A brisk run on the treadmill to blow off steam. Bless the new treadmill.

Long shower followed by the donning of comfy pants.

Low-key supper: bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches; fried rice; steamed broccoli.

Piano practice. Still being done, in fact, while I write this post beside a rather recalcitrant practicer; I stop typing on occasion to play the duet parts, where appropriate. Bless the new laptop.

the new beanbag chair

Schedule arranged on the chalkboard for the week ahead.

Homework underway.

On a whim, piano practice has been unexpectedly and oddly enhanced by the addition, between difficult bars, of sprinting the room length and leaping into the new “cow chair.” (Bless the new beanbag chair.) Wow. Kid is happy! “I’m going to do one more cow jump, Mommy.”

Lunches still being made; the sound of a drawerful of plastic containers with missing lids being impatiently searched through.


Everyone motivated by the promise of a few episodes of Modern Family, if only we get all the work done! Somehow, TV + snuggling time is highly motivational.

But best of all, I think, are the comfy pants. They make everything better.

I go walking ... as I'm writing
Must-do's, sometimes-do's, and never-finished's


  1. Marnie

    Yes to the comfy pants. Always yes.

  2. saleema

    Comfy pants are the uniform of happiness!


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