On December 29th


I just want to paint the scene for you. I’m at the pool, again. The swim kids are doing warmups on deck. I’ve got my laptop and a cup of tea.

I think every birthday should be the best birthday ever, and this one is no exception.

I got up early, and started with poached eggs on toast with the dogs. Fooey came down especially to wish me a happy birthday before going back upstairs to sleep some more. I opened my birthday card from my family with a personalized note from each kid (weep, weep). I drove AppleApple to the pool and stayed for an hour, then, inspired by the hard-working kids, went to a hot yoga class at Moksha, which was free because it was my birthday (the instructor even wished me a very happy birthday, by name, at the end of class).

I was so glad I’d decided to go rather than flake out and skip.

I don’t know why I need to be reminded repeatedly that it’s better to go than flake out, but I do. I seem to forget regularly. The hardest step is the first. It always is. All the steps after that will take effort, but the mental hurdle of that first step is the greatest challenge.

I’d been humming and hawing, wondering: what’s a birthday for, anyway? Is it for relaxing and doing nothing, or should it set the tone for the coming year? Also, am I happier relaxing or happier doing a bunch of stuff? Yes, you already know the answer to that one, but apparently I’d temporarily forgotten. Lucky for me, I remembered in time to really enjoy the whole day.

I was home from yoga, glowing and damp, in time to meet a friend for lunch. We went out for an all-butter all-cream lunch (at Sabletine).

I had arranged for an afternoon matinee date, so Kevin and I left the kids at home, babysitting each other, and headed out together, only to discover a huge line-up at the theatre. Sold out. No way! So we retired to Beertown instead. I think we were meant to do that, so we could talk out the year that was and dream about the year to come, all while basking in the loveliness of having children old enough and responsible enough to look after each other.

The house was still standing when we came home.

Photo on 2013-12-29 at 6.24 PM
my new favourite workplace

Now I’m back at the pool, enjoying the warmth, watching the swimmers about to jump in and start their laps. For the next two hours, I’m going to continue reading through Girl Runner and probably crying a bit because I have to admit it’s a bit of a weeper (in a good way). At this very moment, Kevin’s attempting to bake me a cake on the BBQ (this is so very Kevin), and he’s ordering me take-out tofu with kim chi from the Owl of Minerva for when we get home. I will feast and blow out candles with the kids and read to them before bed.

See? Best day, hey. Just like I like ’em. Somewhat tightly scheduled, but lots of room for fun and relaxation within the busyness. Expansive and crammed. And filled with thanks.

On December 28th
A small sequence of events

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