Bedtime, with stripes


Picture this guy, minus the helmet, in pajamas, tucked into my bed to read stories, which we’ve just finished. Here is the conversation that follows.

“What can we talk about now, Mommy?”

“How about bedtime?”

“Let’s talk about your face.”

“My face? It’s a pretty ordinary face. It’s got two eyes, a nose, a mouth, a chin …”

“And! It has stripes.”


“Here, on your forehead. And here, on your neck.”

“Stripes, huh.”(Can’t stop laughing.)

“Now let’s talk about your head.”

“Do we have to?”

“You have a very fat head.”

“I don’t think that’s accurate.”

“I mean, it’s round.”


“Now let’s talk about your pillow.”

“Let’s talk about your pillow. Your pillow is soft, and cozy, and warm, and you can lay your head down and go right to sleep.”

“Carry me.” (Arms out.)

Of course.

It went and got cold
Based on a true story

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