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I’m basically scooping my daughter’s homework deadline, but I just had to share her response to a school assignment to write a six-word memoir. After trying out a variety of ideas that played around with her connection between the imaginary and the real, she came up with the six words above, and had me take an accompanying photo. I love the dreamy, peaceful, joyous expression on her face. The saddle is from my own pony-owning era, with safety stirrups that I remember my Gramps, who loved horses too, insisted I use. We couldn’t find a bridle with reins in the attic, so she’s got a skipping rope instead. Hey, the imagination works wonders. Her little brother and sister have also been welcomed into this imaginary world and AppleApple happily responds to all requests to “go ride Nellie.”

(As an aside, do you think you could write a six-word memoir? Could I? Maybe I will ask my students to try this exercise when we meet for the first time tomorrow.)


This is turning into Carrie’s bad news bed bug and concussion blog, but I figured you might like an update on my head. I saw a sports medicine doctor today. If you’ve got a few minutes, take time to watch this surprisingly helpful and succinct video on concussions made by a doctor in Montreal. Unfortunately, I’m not even at step one of the steps to recovery: I’m still suffering symptoms even while at rest. But overall, I was relieved to know that I haven’t done anything too terribly wrong, with the exception of going back on the field to play out the game in which I suffered the concussion. In retrospect, I realize I would never let one of my kids do that, but apparently my judgement wasn’t the best following a blow to the head; and it’s not a mistake I’ll make twice. Otherwise, I’ve been properly conservative in my attempts to return to activity. I’m going to see a physio tomorrow, who also specializes in post-concussion syndrome, and will report anything of interest. Meanwhile, I need to be cautious even about my cognitive activities (argh!), which obviously take precedence over any exercise-related activities. The doctor’s words that stick in my head are: “You will get out of shape. I know that’s frustrating.” I think my main goal for right now is to accept that, and be grateful for all that I can do in the weeks and months ahead.

For example, I recognize that I won’t be able to race the Run for the Toad this year. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, rather that I would pay a very heavy price to complete it. Running seems to be a major symptom trigger. At this point, if I feel well enough, the doctor suggested an easy walk, and possibly an easy swim. But if I’m honest about how I’m feeling, even an easy walk hurts rather than helps right now. So does looking at my computer screen. Which means I’m signing off for now.

Thanks for all who have reached out to me recently with thoughtfulness and care!

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  1. Nath

    I’m sorry you still feel bad – I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. I hope you get better soon! Think how good that first long run is going to feel!

    • Carrie Snyder

      That seems like it’s a long way off. But boy will it feel great.

  2. Libby Matthews

    Dear Carrie,

    That is a real bummer! I hope that some of the symptoms improve soon and that the physio you are seeing helps out a lot! And fast! 🙂
    Who are you going to see BTW? My husband had a concussion from soccer last year and I did my own return to play with him but his symptoms were not severe. I know how hard it is to be the patient especially with many children floating around.
    Bonne Chance! Libby

    • Carrie Snyder

      Are you a physio, Libby? I’m going to Waterloo Sports Medicine.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. We moved PEI but I am friends with Jon at SOS physio. I used to volunteer at waterloo SM with Liz. I hope everything helps.

  3. cathy/waterloo

    ouch!! 🙁
    so sorry to read this update, carrie…this will be trying, to say the least. i am thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way – all the best for the speediest of recoveries. hope to see you back to running (and yoga?!) asap.

  4. Margo

    A 6-word memoir? Wow, that is intense. Love the blue socks and the memoir. I had to write a 1 page history of language for a college class and found that hard enough.

    I’m sorry about the concussion and the bed bugs. I admire your pluck.

  5. Chris Cameron

    My favourite one (taken unfortunately) is “still crazy after all these years.”
    Sorry about the Toad. There will be others.


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