Assortments from Life on this Thursday, June 6th

kids + bike + roller blades + dogs + mom

* We still have no internet, and the promised technician still hasn’t turned up. But I’ve learned how to use my BlackBerry as a hotspot, so it’s a win for advancing my IT skills.

* Over a 24-hour period on Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran 25.5 kilometres. I spread the distance over three separate runs, thankfully before the weather took a chilling nose-dive this morning. I’m not sure what compelled me. Dreaming of another marathon? Despite trying, I can’t squeeze my time to fit in those necessary long runs. Would a series of shorter back-to-back runs boost endurance enough?

* Also, on a similar subject, I ran barefoot in sand this past weekend. It felt light and fast, as if I were a child again. The muscles in my feet complained for the next couple of days, but in a good way, like they’d awoken and wanted to be used more often. I wouldn’t run more than short distances barefoot (I went 5km on Saturday), but would love to do it once a week, to strengthen different muscle groups. If only there were always a sandy beach nearby, and temperate weather.


* A mom at soccer, who manages the local YMCA, said she thought I’d make a good spin instructor. The idea probably appeals to my vanity, at least a smidge, but nevertheless I find myself rolling it over as an interesting possibility.

* Walking the dogs with the two little kids is the perfect post-supper occupation.

* The dishwasher works. My goal is that each child stacks his or her dirty dishes into the miraculous cleaning device without being reminded. Given how well the socks-tossed-on-the-floor lecturing has gone over the years ….


* I finished a project last week. I always forget how finishing unbalances me for the next little while, until I take up the next new and absorbing something. What will the next new and absorbing something be? There are so many possibilities!

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  1. Sarah

    We’re up in the air right now between getting a fence for our backyard, good for dog or a dishwasher, good for all. Choices! Enjoy you day Carrie!

  2. Tricia Orchard

    Oh yes! You would make a great spin instructor! I will take a class from you when I get back from England! We can carpool! 🙂


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