Look, we have new neighbours

the house next door

“Mom, you have to come and take a picture!”

“No, really, Carrie, you should come right now!”

“Maybe you can write a blog post that says ‘Look, we have new neighbours!'”

look, we have new neighbours

The house next door. What can I say? If you live in our neighbourhood, you have probably expressed curiosity about it at one time or another. If your curiosity got the better of you, you might even have called to ask me if the house next door is for sale (this happens), or knocked on my door sheepishly, as if you might be the first person ever to think of doing it: “Sorry, I know this is weird, but I walk by here every day and I’m just wondering ….”

It has been exactly a decade since we bought our house and moved in. The mysterious house next door has been unoccupied for at least that long. It is a beautiful structure — good bones — and the property is maintained, but it is empty. Except for the wildlife. Living next door to a beautiful empty house is a worry, of course, for a number of reasons, and I keep a sharp eye on the place.

To lighten the worry, a few years back, I began riffing with the kids about the animal families who live next door. We didn’t make up whole stories, but it was funny to think about the characters who might populate stories in the house next door. Our neighbours, so to speak.

This is the first I’ve actually gotten photos.

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  1. Misao Dean

    those “good bones” aren’t going to last long . . . .

    • m

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Ugh, I’m sure you’re right! If I received a windfall I would try to buy the property and turn it into … I don’t know … writer’s colony?

  2. Clare

    The animals in the house next door may just be your next picture book. That’s a pretty great photo!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Yes, I think it would make a good picture book too. You never know!


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