A small series of events

Last night I washed the dishes.
Kevin cleared out the drawers, to make room for … (see below, installed today)
And tonight we’ll see if it works.
Also, earlier this week: CJ graduated from preschool.
He’s been attending since he was 20 months old. Now he is five.
There was cake. But even two slices didn’t make up for the fact that this is the end of an era. We’re all a little bit sad.
Finally, here is a shot of my big girl at the end of her Wednesday, which goes like this: school, piano lessons, swim team, soccer practice. Throw in a few snacks here and there. She’s pictured eating supper, at just after 9pm. After which, she finished a homework project due the next morning. Note: she seems to thrive on this schedule. She might take after someone we know … ahem …
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  1. Nancy

    Yes, indeed she is taking after that person. Ahem. Congrats CJ! Woohoo! And congrats on the new dishwasher. Lovely and well deserved. Have fun and may it free up time for you, Kevin and your busy girl!


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