The peace of dogs

paw in hand

First day of March break.

With the sounds of sibling irritability yowling in the background as I write this — “Where’s my hat? Who took my hat? WHERE’S MY HAT?” “Don’t push me away so I can’t go to the bathroom!” [crying] “Go away! Go away! Get out of the kitchen!” “It’s not your kitchen!” “Yes it is!” “Where’s my hat?” — I’ll pick out the good things.

Like the doggie-sister love, above.


P.S. I’m adding a post-publication, end-of-day extra list of good things this first day of March break has held. It’s been a lovely, lovely day, despite the occasional howls and yowls.

* I slept in.
* I cleared away every last stack and pile of paper that has been accumulating on every flat surface for the past couple of months. I kid you not. Huge project, DONE!
* I vacuumed.
* Just when Kevin and I were wondering what we’d feed the kids for lunch, my mom arrived with offerings from the market, and so we had hot dogs on fresh buns; and then we ate market-fresh chicken drumsticks for supper, marinated in yogurt and Indian spices, along with Indian-spiced rice, and green salad. And a glass of wine.
* I ran 15.5 quick km in gorgeous afternoon sunshine, watching the snow melt, with my elder daughter beside me on her bicycle.
* I finished two books, and updated my ongoing 2013 reading list: see here.
* I felt like I was on holiday. So did everyone else. And tomorrow I get to play soccer!

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  1. Angela

    Hi- de-lurking myself here- because I am wondering if you know the name of the vine that is growing behind this lovely scene of canine devotion? I have one and have no idea what it’s called…love your blog by the way…

    • Carrie Snyder

      Hi Angela, Glad to meet you! I don’t know the name of the vine, other than it’s some kind of ivy. It belonged to my great-aunt, who passed away almost exactly 13 years ago. She’d always given me plants to keep my rooms cheery over the years, so after her death the family suggested that I keep this large thriving ivy plant. I love that it’s still beautiful all these years later. She was able to train it to grow up the walls and ring the room.

  2. Angela

    what a lovely thing to have handed down. It certainly is a hardy vine, I’ll let you know if I track down the name- cheers!


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