Ten minutes of blogging bliss

Can I do it?

All day I’ve been pouring my energies into an alternative non-fiction project, which I shall have to title sooner or later. I’m currently calling it: The Woman Formerly Known As …

Having been so very very good, I’m rewarding myself with ten minutes to blog. Because in ten minutes I will have to leave the house to pick up the kid who rides the bus. Can I offer a small weather-related complaint as an aside? Why is it so cold? Why does the air blow so arctically when spring is, surely, just around the corner? Why is there no sunshine? Why must yet another winter storm approach on the horizon? Why won’t it stop being grey?

That was more than one complaint.

Mildly interesting unrelated tidbit: We’ve had a month of breakdowns. First, the truck (remember that?): transmission. I won’t quote you the fixin’ price, but it hurt. Next, the oven! I had to borrow my dad’s oven a couple of Sundays ago in order to bake bread. Thankfully that was fixed within a week, and for a somewhat smaller fee than the transmission. And now, the boiler that heats our entire house and provides all hot water. On Saturday, suddenly everyone was wandering around shivering and wrapping themselves in blankets and draping themselves with dogs, when I thought to check the thermostat. Falling swiftly. I am thankful to say that has also, now, been fixed.

But seriously.

What else? I’m afraid to ask. I’m afraid it’s some kind of obvious metaphor that I’d rather not apply to my life right now.

I’ve nothing more to add. And look: it’s only been thirteen minutes! Which is admittedly a couple minutes more than ten. I’m going to pop in a photo and press publish, and presto, it’s school bus time.

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    Hmmm…we have had a lot of break-downs here, too. Thankfully, none of them are as substantial as yours. I am talking about kitchen appliances, not my sanity! Coffee maker, kettle, blender. Are these items expected to come with a “furnished house”?

    I am also tired of the snow, wind, and grey days.

    • Carrie Snyder

      Good question re what’s expected in a “furnished” house. Kettle for sure. The other things, maybe not. We use a Bodum to press our coffee. A blender isn’t an absolute kitchen necessity. Depends on whether you need those things, too, for the next few months!

      (I still can’t believe you’re going away …)

  2. Misao Dean

    Daffodils in my neck of the woods.

    • Carrie Snyder

      Oh …. I want daffodils! It continues to snow here.

  3. cathy

    you are now safe: things happen in threes and with the truck, the oven and the boiler -> there you go!
    i am trying to be yoga-ish and accept (embrace?) the weather…that attitude is not working so well, today!!…


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