What is practice?
It is daily. It is intentional. It can change. It needs to meet you where you are.
Practice is work. You do it even when you don’t feel like it.
Practice is patient, even if you are not.
Pratice adds up, it builds on its own forceful persistence. It cannot but change you, for doing it, so be sure that you are practicing what you wish to practice.

What our family does with its spare time
Messy weekend report


  1. Sarah

    And that’s why when I wanted to give in today, I didn’t. Have a great weekend Carrie!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Wonderful, Sarah! Hope it’s a good weekend for you, too.

  2. Rachel Cort

    I wrote this down in my yoga teacher training journal so that I can read it to my fellow trainees on our next training weekend. This came to me at the end of two weeks of not practicing, and hit me like a cool drink of water after endless days of soda pop. Thank you. Have a good weekend!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Thanks for letting me know, Rachel. I hope you’ve had time to return to your practice this weekend.


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