My office, with dogs

in my office

Picture me here. That’s my eldest daughter, working on a project this weekend, with the dogs in attendance. The dogs are generally in attendance when I’m in my office. If the kids are around, too, I often discover that the greater population of the house is lounging in my office while I’m trying to work. The floor is warm. It’s cozy. It’s a great place to nap, and to read.

And to write.

Which is what I’m doing today, on a shortened work day, after a sick weekend (I’ve returned to health!), and so I will say little else, even though multiple blog topics are bubbling in my head. I’m afroth with things I’d like to opine about! But work calls. I’m tightening the draft. It’s tedious.

I’m glad the dogs are here too.

The need to sleep
Two things I needed, today


  1. sheree

    I’m beginning THE book after a lonnng empyting out and several false starts. FEELS Scary and frothy but you inspire me CA! I will make it through to tedious!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Go, Sheree, go!!! I am sending you inspiration and courage as you dig in. And thank you for the reminder that tedious is a good stage to reach. Hugs! xox

  2. Andrew Gregory

    Good to know that you’ve recovered! Now, you can write those thoughts down. Looking forward to your posts! Cheers.


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