Just the stats

my office: picture me behind that window

Words written yesterday: 2,421.
(includes 674 words written last night after I should have been in bed)
Word total for book: 81,861.

Happy dances: 0.
High fives: 0.
Early morning run with friend: 1.

Scenes left to write: 3.
Scenes left to rewrite: 3.

Piano lessons to ferry children to: 2.
Swim practice to ferry child to: 1.
Soccer practice involving husband and son: 1.

Supper plan: ?
a) noodle soup
b) hummus with ?
c) pasta with red sauce

Emotions: clouded.

Because: I’ve been here before, on the precipice of done.
Because: I know that done does not equal done.
And yet: I’ve brought this book this far.
That’s something.

I honour the effort.

Word goal for today: 1000.

And … GO!

Truth, Dare, Doubledare: Woot!
Going for broke


  1. m

    YES! Gogogogogo!

  2. Kerry

    You’ve brought this book so far. Congratulations! xo

  3. Misao Dean

    theme for meditation today: joy. I can share some with you.

    • Carrie Snyder

      Must have worked, because I started my day feeling the joy in an early morning yoga class.


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