This message is not for you

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Today’s theme from the universe: You will receive messages that are not meant for you. Literally. I’ve had a phone call, a voice message on my cellphone, and a text message all meant for other people. In all cases, I received a complete message, rather than an “oops, wrong number” and a hang-up.

I have no idea what the universe is trying to tell me (“Not all messages are meant for you?”), but I like catching glimpses of others’ lives, so I don’t mind in the least.


A list of items recently lost by me and my eldest daughter

1. 1 pair of swim goggles and a swim cap (hers)
lost in the University of Waterloo’s pool area, on deck or in changeroom

2. 1 pair of Keen’s sandals, size 7 (hers)
lost somewhere between the pool and Bechtel Park’s indoor soccer field

3. 1 blue sweater with hood (shared by me and her)
sorely missed, no idea where lost, or when

4. 1 pair of running shoes, size 7 (hers)
gone missing despite me taking care to bring them home from Bechtel Park’s indoor soccer field, with the prophetic words, “I’d better take these so they don’t get lost.” Haven’t been seen since.

5. 1 blue water bottle (mine)
lost after a run at RIM Park, even though I never took it out of the bag

Hello, universe
Mid-winter calm


  1. Leah

    I love reading that you and eldest daughter share wardrobe items. My eldest and I have started to do this as well. Its (mostly) an enjoyable way to celebrate her growing near to and soon exceeding my height. Of course, occasionally I can’t find my favorite sox, or sweater, or skin cream or…

    • Carrie Snyder

      Oh, I love being able to borrow clothes from my kids! Thanks to their generous grandma, they have a much more extensive wardrobe than I do — but I do share socks in the other direction. And shoes, come to think of it!


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