Hello, universe


Sometimes I wonder what the universe is up to. Also, and relatedly, sometimes I spend way too much time reading clues that may or may not be there. I wonder: what does it all mean, when quite possibly it only means that I’m paying attention to certain things and ignoring others. When quite possibly, the evidence is evidence only of my own perspective.

Remember how I wasn’t going to write freelance this year? Yesterday, I received news that not one but two separate freelancing contacts were no longer in the business of commissioning work. To put it plainly, that means less freelance work for me. So it fits with my plan, right? Except in the past week, I’ve also gotten two out-of-the-blue commissions for other (small) writing jobs. Well, which is it, universe?

A horoscope recently informed me that I was doing too much and would need to scale back. What? No! Argh!

While composing this post, the phone rang. Exciting, right! The phone almost never rings! It was a woman at a call centre who said, “Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I’m calling about your computer, okay?”

Thanks, universe. You just interrupted my train of thought.

This is my 1,000th post as Obscure CanLit Mama. Random, but true.

The question is, says my very patient husband who has to listen to this stuff even more often than you do: Is the universe a good source of advice?

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed
This message is not for you


  1. Kate T.

    In my opinion, it’s almost always better to be open to signs from the universe than closed off from them. At least, I always read my horoscope and it’s usually got something to ponder (especially the Globe and Mail, for some reason). I try to take away what I can use and leave the rest for the other Pisceans.


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