Fighting through the January blues

Tricia and I make a flying leap
So far, we can’t think of a team nickname. Suggestions?

(Photos by Stephen Edgar)


Driving children to and from activities last night, I realized that I’m in a sweet spot in my book. I know what’s happening and what needs, yet, to happen. Two crucial characters have solidified in my mind. I have some exciting scenes to lay out. I could sit and write non-stop if someone would bring me emergency supplies (and if I didn’t have children to feed, snuggle, tuck in, clean up after, and drive to and from activities). I don’t know how long this sweet spot will hold, but I hope it’s right up until the very last page of the book.
I can’t believe I ever tried to write a novel without Scrivener. It’s the most useful structural tool I’ve ever encountered, for writing. Now to see whether I can write a novel with the help of Scrivener. If I can’t, I might as well stop trying, honestly. (The wonderful thing about Scrivener is that it would be useful for any complex book-length project, so if I fail at novel-writing, I’ll turn my hand to some other literary challenge instead.)
Ten-minute tidy
But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed


  1. My face looks a bit weird, to me! 😛

    • In the jumping one? I love your expression!

  2. You could write thesis! (don’t write a thesis)

    • No danger of this, Carmen! (But I wish you much luck with yours)

  3. Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’ll give Scrivener a try…

    • You can try it out for free, Ariel. That’s what I did and I was instantly hooked.

  4. Yes, the jumping one! But thanks! 😉


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