The six-minute post that took ten minutes

terrible phone photo of a beautiful child, on our Saturday morning date

Uh oh. Only six minutes to post today. Must have taken a longer nap after spin & kettlebells.

I have lots of little things to comment on. Don’t know why I need to comment on them in public, on the blog, but if there’s one rule about blogging it’s don’t question why you’re blogging. Or else you probably wouldn’t. So, on the off chance that someone else out there is interested too, here’s what’s on my mind.

* My friend Tricia and I are plotting how to become contestants on Canada’s The Amazing Race. We’re dead serious and both of us are FAIRLY COMPETITIVE, to put it mildly. And we both love racing — we’ve raced together twice, and once I beat her, and once she beat me, and both times, both of us were convinced the other made us run/bike way faster than we could have gone on our own. I’d give us good odds. If only we can crack the audition challenge.

* Shoot, that puts me at two minutes. Six minutes is not enough time for a quick post.

* Advent calendar activity today: “It’s in your writing, Mom, so I can’t read it.”
“It says ‘Eat supper by candlelight.'”
“We could breakfast by candlelight, maybe.”
“But I like the lights.”
“Hey, I brought home a cake from the book club I visited last night — how about we’ll change it to ‘Eat cake by candlelight.'”
“Cake for supper! This is the best!”

And that’s my time. I’m sure there were more thoughts, but I’m going to pour them into the house I’m building out of words, which is getting pretty solid. I had hopes of completing the draft before Christmas, and then giving myself Scrivener as a birthday gift, and learning how to use it over the holidays before digging into the second draft. Wait. Why did I put that in the past tense? I still have hopes!

* Kevin is attending CJ’s nursery school Christmas concert this morning specifically so that I don’t have to and can write the book instead, AND I turned down a freelance gig this week specifically so that I could keep working on the book, and so I am signing off to enjoy the luxury of a writing day. Waste not, want not.

Agh. That’s nine minutes. Maybe a ten-minute post is all I can realistically pare myself down to. Good to know.

The ten-minute post
Dark days


  1. sheila

    do it do it! i’ve never watched it but i would totally watch it if you and Tricia were on it. loved this ten-minute post btw.


    Do it ! Do it ! We will cheer!

  3. Anonymous

    At what time do you get up to do all you do and nap before you start your writing? Good for you. I agree with the others, go for it!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Three mornings a week I get up between 5-5:30 in order to exercise: run, or spin class, or this spin and weight class. I then nap as soon as the kids are out the door for school, around 8:30/9. I only nap for about 20 minutes, but I can’t imagine making it through the day otherwise. Still, that means that by 9:30ish I’m ready for the rest of the day. I always dread getting out of bed, and always appreciate afterward that I have.

  4. cathy@1970kikiproject

    carrie, you and tricia should totally go for the amazing race!! (oops, sorry for the split verb, there…).
    happy writing!


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